Guinness St. Pat’s Day

Although it’s globally an iconic brand, Guinness faced the challenge of not being relatable to young beer drinkers in Singapore. And with St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, we needed to ensure we could form a connect between the brand and drinkers. We conducted a survey to dig into socializing trends in Singapore, and found out that a key reason why young locals only went out in small groups was that their friends cancelled on them. So we came up with the St. Pat’s pledge – An oath you take to show up to the St. Patrick’s Festival with your friends, in exchange for a guilt-free ‘cancel pass’ for any other event in the year. The rest is history – Compared to the previous year, we doubled footfalls at the event, outsold the pints, and got Singapore talking about Guinness.

THE ALL-NEW 2018 LEXUS LS – Through the eyes of art

For a brand that stands for 'Experience Amazing', traditional advertising will always fall flat. Our ambition for the Lexus LS was to create a series of experiences, inspired by Lexus' Takumi craftsmanship, for people to interact and engage with. The flagship Lexus LS is a work of art, crafted by Japanese Takumi craftsmen to create an experience like no other. To bring this experience to life, we commissioned four of Asia's leading artists to create bespoke pieces inspired by the iconic features of the Lexus LS – Glass, Metal, Wood & Origami. These films tell a story of passion, craftsmanship and inspiration.





Safeguard: Pabaon Sa Buhay (Protection for Life)

Safeguard is a heritage brand in the Philippines. Having been in the market for 50 years, it has touched lives of generations of Filipino families. To live up to this stature, we brought to life a story that celebrates the value of parenting. 


The story of Norman King is a story of a mother providing protection for her child in the world outside. The life lessons that his mom imparted protected him from blows to his indigenous identity, enabling him to become the first Aeta to graduate from the Philippines’ premier state university.


By taking on a strong stand on a deep-rooted cultural issue, we sparked serious conversation among Filipinos.


agoda Basecamp

More than 10 years ago, agoda ruled the online travel category by providing more choice of hotels at a lower price. As more brands emerged in the category, competitive pricing became a hygiene factor and not a differentiator. Research showed us that our travellers were looking for experience over choice. So, we gave them a ‘basecamp’ instead of a hotel room. A jumping off point from where they can explore places around and experience the local culture and lifestyle of every place they travel to with agoda.