Scoot ‘Inspiring Spirit’

Low cost airline, Scoot discovered that their brand had been seemingly copied by Spirit Airlines - a North American airline. Scoot, known for its irreverent personality, instead of wasting money on lawyers, decided to have some fun with Scoot's doppelgänger. And so we informed Spirit that if they want to copy the brand, they should at least do it well.

Over 100 media outlets covered the campaign globally. To date, the campaign has generated over 41 million US dollars of earned media. The number of online searches for Scoot over the campaign period increased by a significant 32%. The first video in the campaign received 57,495 views on Scoot's Facebook site, 1,373 Likes and 319 Shares within 12 hours, with 95% of the responses being positive. What’s more, we even got some Spirit employees rallying for Scoot online.