Lexus RX ‘Be Inspired’

It’s not easy for car manufacturers to stand out in a category as competitive as luxury SUVs. Lexus has done well ever since the launch of the Lexus RX in 1997, but it has become increasingly difficult to be unique when the luxury SUV market has become the forefront of innovation in technology, product design and safety.

The launch of the new RX needed to go beyond the common clichés about luxury, and prove how it was the start of a new generation. It needed to prove its difference on an emotional level that expands in to the lifestyle aspirations of the drivers.

Luckily, the RX had its bold design, sharp contoured lines, and unique attitude to help it stand out. All the launch campaign needed was to show how the philosophy and passion that went into making the RX could be applied to making the driver’s whole life as unique as his car. To do this, Lexus reached out to three rising stars from Asia, and challenged them to each make a new creation inspired by what makes the Lexus RX a luxury SUV unlike any other.

The famous industrial designer Camiel Weijenberg was inspired by the unique stitching of the leather, and created a new piece of furniture. The molecular gastronomy chef Dan Bark made a new dish inspired by the technology behind the RX’s touch-less power backdoor, and the celebrated fashion designer Kwankao created a new bespoke suit, inspired by the RX’s interior. With this arsenal of inspiration, the new Lexus RX launched in Singapore with a different conversation than any of its competitors—and proved how a car’s attitude follows its driver far beyond the road.