'Paint the Town Black'

A village is painted with a dark, black, distinctive liquid to celebrate Arthur’s Day. On 27th September 2012, the world was invited to get out and raise a pint of the black stuff, to honour the anniversary of Guinness, and the man who brought it to us, by capturing the spirit of the Arthur's Day celebration.

SFR – Campagne Réseaux


On n’imagine pas le travail accompli sur le terrain par SFR pour déployer ses réseaux. Un travail quotidien et invisible qui touche pourtant l’ensemble du territoire français.

Tide: Bradshaw Stain


During Super Bowl 51, the world saw a BBQ sauce stain on Terry Bradshaw's shirt. It felt like live TV, but it was really the first part of an elaborate advertising program. Tens of thousands immediately took to social media to participate in the