For Your Consideration

When a woman in the film industry loses her job, it can take up to twice as long as a man for her to find employment again. 

To combat this, Women In Film has launched a new campaign, created by Saatchi & Saatchi New York, called For Your Consideration, which is part of the organisation's larger Hire Her Back initiative, intended to highlight the women in the film industry who have lost their jobs as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The campaign includes a collection of 'For Your Consideration' posters [below] along with a 60-second video [above] voiced by actress, director, and screenwriter, Lake Bell, which highlights real directors, producers, grips, visual effects artists and more, working in their natural setting along with quotes about their best working attributes.

The overall style of the campaign speaks the language of the industry, taking the phrase 'For Your Consideration', which is typically used to get Emmy/Oscar voters to consider voting for a particular film, and instead asks the industry to consider hiring some talented, capable women. All of the women featured in the campaign are real members of the film industry who have been impacted by the pandemic.

Farmers, Our Pride: Pepsico

Farmers are the unsung heroes of India. They are invincible, yet invisible. PepsiCo relies heavily on the farming community in India, across 24 states, and supports them with programmes covering water conservation, women empowerment, youth training and yield and income. So during Baisakhi, the Agriculture New Year, when they thank the Gods for abundant harvest and prosperity, PepsiCo gave them something they truly deserve: a Thank You. The campaign was a poetic tribute to the agricultural community of India. Which is why we called upon real farmers to be our heroes. From the cast and wardrobe, to the props and locations, every detail revealed the most authentic stories of their tenactiy and sincerity. We utilised wide-angle lenses that created a large canvas and used only natural light to create high-contrast black and white imagery, adding more depth to the poetry. It was essential to show the grandness of scale because their cubicles are the massive acres of land they nurture. By showcasing their lives in the truest sense, we created an organic and immersive look that draws the viewers in to listen to their beautiful stories.

Laundry Later: Tide

The best time to do laundry is later — but when is later? Charlie Day tries to figure it out while Emily Hampshire knows new Tide Power Pods will get it out whenever she gets around to it. Like later.

It involves a lot of nods to other brands, much like previous 'It's a Tide Ad' spots.

'The Heart'

Like the heart of an Olympian, Visa is always performing. Our system never stops, and works whenever and wherever it’s needed. We are the beating heart of payments and proud sponsors of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

‘Sea Hero Quest’

Saatchi & Saatchi create ‘Sea Hero Quest’, the World’s first mobile game where anyone can help scientists fight dementia, for Deutsche Telekom 

Saatchi & Saatchi and Deutsche Telekom has unveiled ‘Sea Hero Quest’. Developed in partnership with a team of scientific researchers from University College London, The University of East Anglia and gaming experts Glitchers, ‘Sea Hero Quest’ is a new multi-platform mobile game designed specifically to help advance the understanding of spatial navigation, and therefore understand one of the first symptoms of dementia. Bringing scientists one-step closer to developing new diagnostic tests for dementia, it is one of the biggest studies to date into the condition.

For many people living with dementia, one of the first effects they experience is a loss of spatial awareness, as they lose the ability to navigate their way through even well-known places and environments. Creating a global benchmark for how we navigate is widely acknowledged as one of the key steps towards developing new diagnostic tests for the diseases that cause dementia. All data collected from the game will be made freely available to scientists worldwide and will also be used by UCL: one of the World’s leading dementia research faculties, to develop new diagnostic tests for dementia.

The game ‘Sea Hero Quest’ is a multi-level adventure game in which the player takes on the role of a sea explorer’s son traversing the seas, looking for and collecting the lost pieces of their father’s ocean journal. On their journey, players need to find and photograph weird and wonderful sea creatures. ‘Sea Hero Quest’ is available worldwide, free of charge from the App Store and Google Play.

An animated film, directed by Bibo Bergeron will support the game by revealing its backstory of an ageing Sea Explorer who slowly loses his memories of past sea voyages to dementia. Demonstrated in the film through pages of his beloved journal being lost, the viewer understands the disintegration of the old man’s memory.

Over 47.5 million people worldwide currently live with dementia (more than the population of Spain), with this number estimated to increase to 135 million by 2050. People living with dementia gradually lose their ability to share precious moments, and the formation of new memories is severely disrupted, often leaving them isolated, disorientated and disconnected. 

For many people living with dementia, one of the first effects experienced is getting lost; also known as a loss of spatial awareness, as the person loses the ability to navigate their way through even well-known places and environments.

Led by Deutsche Telekom, and created by Saatchi & Saatchi, London, the concept of ‘Sea Hero Quest’ was motivated by the desire to empower people to game for good and made a reality by partnering with world-renowned experts in their respective fields.

The initial creative concept was motivated by the power of Deutsche Telekom’s network and its 200 million users. With 3 billion hours spent playing online and mobile games weekly by the global population, the aim was to manifest that power but to go beyond to reach the widest audience possible and to recognise the part that technology plays in everyday lives.

Key partners on the Deutsche Telekom ‘Sea Hero Quest’ project include; charity Alzheimer’s Research UK, University College London, The University of East Anglia and game developers Glitchers. Every aspect of the game has been designed jointly by game developers and scientists to provide insights about the way that people navigate every day. As players make their way through mazes of islands and icebergs, from the shores of the Kano Reef to the High Seas, every second of gameplay will be translated into scientific data and stored anonymously and securely within a T-Systems data centre in Germany. The result of the innovative partnership will be the creation of the world’s largest crowd sourced database benchmarking human spatial cognition, a key aspect of brain function affected by dementia. 

The unique collaboration between creativity, science, gaming and telecommunications is in the spirit of Deutsche Telekom’s reputation for identifying innovative products and services at an early stage, and utilising human interaction for the greater good of humanity.

Sea Hero Quest is available globally for iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded now for free from the App Store and Google Play.

For more information, visit #gameforgood

SFR – Campagne Réseaux


On n’imagine pas le travail accompli sur le terrain par SFR pour déployer ses réseaux. Un travail quotidien et invisible qui touche pourtant l’ensemble du territoire français.

Tide: Bradshaw Stain


During Super Bowl 51, the world saw a BBQ sauce stain on Terry Bradshaw's shirt. It felt like live TV, but it was really the first part of an elaborate advertising program. Tens of thousands immediately took to social media to participate in the