'Miracle Stain'

Tide’s integrated Super Bowl campaign focuses on the idea that some stains might actually be worth keeping. The commercial itself featured the two teams in the actual game (forcing everything into an ambitious 12-day production schedule), and told an epic story of a man who gets a miracle stain resembling football legend Joe Montana and becomes an instant celebrity. Media and fans flock to his house to witness the stain until his wife “accidentally” washes it out. The twist? She’s a fan of the other team. Online advertisements and social media posts continued the narrative after the game, with everything driving home the theme that “No Stain Is Sacred".

SFR – Campagne Réseaux


On n’imagine pas le travail accompli sur le terrain par SFR pour déployer ses réseaux. Un travail quotidien et invisible qui touche pourtant l’ensemble du territoire français.