'120 Heartbeats'

With the new Lexus GS Hybrid, you'll not only be surprised by low emissions and fuel saving, but also by the power that springs from every step on the accelerator, thanks to its 345 horsepower. To demonstrate it, a few guests were invited to the launch day at the Vairano racing circuit. A professional driver accompanied them in a high-adrenaline speed trial where the brilliant New GS Hybrid performance was really demonstrated to the full. The guests all wore a heart rate monitor and were challenged to keep their heart rate below 120 heartbeats per minute.  But which of them succeeded?

SFR – Campagne Réseaux


On n’imagine pas le travail accompli sur le terrain par SFR pour déployer ses réseaux. Un travail quotidien et invisible qui touche pourtant l’ensemble du territoire français.