'Almost Identical'

There's an age-old social stigma that chewing gum gives a bad impression. But is this true? Beldent challenges this myth using an innovative real-life experiment starring five sets of identical twins. 

On October 1st at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Buenos Aires, Beldent created an installation called “Almost Identical”. The twins were the art on display. Each set were dressed and styled exactly the same except for one difference: one twin was chewing a piece of gum. Throughout the day, museum-goers participated in an interactive exhibit, answering questions about their first impressions of the twins. 

Of the 481 people who participated in the experiment, 73% favoured the twins who chewed gum, proving that chewing gum doesn’t give a bad impression. In fact, it does quite the opposite.

SFR – Campagne Réseaux


On n’imagine pas le travail accompli sur le terrain par SFR pour déployer ses réseaux. Un travail quotidien et invisible qui touche pourtant l’ensemble du territoire français.